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10:28 AM | 06-07-2021

Also, I had FFS three days ago and it's going great <3

10:27 AM | 06-07-2021

I think that being forced to extremely single-task each moment of your day is the most satisfying part of recovering from major surgery

05:14 PM | 06-01-2021

you know things are going great when you open your blinds and frown at the sun

12:49 PM | 05-27-2021

FFS in one week wish me luck :)

08:08 AM | 05-22-2021

absolutely shocked at how nice the burbs feel rn

04:01 PM | 05-08-2021

rain rain go away

09:48 AM | 04-29-2021 Ok just FYI for any other nyc skaters the prospect park loop is much harder than the Central Park loop even though it's shorter! It's just one giant downhill and then one giant uphill. Also the asphalt is frequently awful!

Central Park has much more intrigue, less unmanageable up/down, and better asphalt.

08:58 AM | 04-29-2021 I did finally get to skate though! Yesterday was beautiful and perfect other than the man who negged me for passing him on his bike. I made progress on my powerslides too, and skated home on the actual road

08:57 AM | 04-29-2021

I get my second dose this morning :D

08:59 AM | 04-27-2021

Im so tired of this cloudy 60 degree weather I can't even tell you. I wanna skateeeee

08:07 AM | 04-11-2021

I'm actually very looking forward to a grey and loungey Sunday! Yesterday I skated the entire way around Central Park with a friend and it was such a blast. Prospect park next please

05:29 PM | 04-08-2021

It's very fun to send mail, I absolutely love it every time.

It's even more fun now though that I have a film camera to create a special object and then send it to a friend

04:06 PM | 04-07-2021

10:40 AM | 04-07-2021

I seem to have regained the ability to drink caffeine without getting too amped up -- this is A+

02:21 AM | 04-07-2021 I was totally right

09:38 PM | 04-06-2021

Working with another person on music for the first time in a very long time and it feels really fresh and pure

04:00 PM | 04-06-2021

It's Tuesday and I fear I've already lost control of this week

09:58 PM | 04-05-2021

I did get socks on the upper west side and I did continue skating :)

02:45 PM | 04-05-2021

I'm on my skates fighting a blister at 84th st. I already borrowed a bandaid from some cyclists but it got scrunched up and is falling off. I think my next move is to dismount and try and buy some long socks on the upper west side?

11:07 AM | 04-05-2021

Thank you wesleyac for bringing so much joy into my life by making this thing :D

10:49 AM | 04-05-2021


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